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Posted on 1/7/2021 1:05:01 PM

By Bay Estate Agents

During a year of lockdowns and self-isolation, companionship, particularly with our furry friends, is no longer taken for granted. However, for those living in rented accommodation, keeping a pet is not always straight forward. That could be about to change. On January 29th MPs are set to hold the Second Reading of a Private Members’ Bill aimed at the abolition of no-pet clauses in private rental contracts.

Sadly, it is quite common for us to be unable to procced a tenancy due to a no pet clause, either due to the preference of the landlord or more often because it is prohibited in the head lease of an apartment block.
However, Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell’s Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill has already passed its first reading, and builds on a commitment already made by the government to give “responsible and caring” tenants the right to live with a pet.

“For most people, being separated from their dog is no different from being separated from their brother or sister” says Rosindell.

“Sadly, pet owners who move into rented accommodation face the reality that their family could be torn apart, because most landlords in Britain have unnecessary bans or restrictions on pet ownership” he continues.

“The no-pet clause means that someone cannot have a dog over for even a short period for fear of recriminations or even losing their home. Such discrimination must now end.”

The criteria proposed to confirm appropriateness of the tenant to keep a put includes obtaining a certificate from a vet before moving in, confirming that they have a healthy, well-behaved animal and are considered to be a responsible owner. Dogs would have to be vaccinated and microchipped and be responsive to basic training commands.

The big question is will agents have to interview the pets? Our staff at Bay Estate & Letting Agents certainly hope so.

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